What happens during a wastewater treatment process? Digitron has a wide experience into the field of waste water treatment, providing sensor, HMI and SCADA software , created upon the basis of field experience on many waste water treatment plant in Italy and abroda. 


Each single phase are optimized:
Removing sludge
Removing scum
Killing bacteria
Wastewater residual

By the Digitron waste water solutions, the efficiency of the plant is maximized , and all the controller (with I/O and analog connection collecting each signals coming from the field sensor, will act as network using the Modbus or Profibus communication protocols. Whit this type of I/O flexibility you can connect the HMI and SCADA Software to a full range of I/Os.
Our high performance computing and controllers is also essential for collection and dissemination of process and operational data. Controllers configure with modular industrial PCs, where needed, provide a uniquely powerful control and computing solution capable of running HMI, historian, analytics and other higher-level application right at the equipment. Futher more a modern control infrastructure helps minimize failure. All Digitron controllers, PLC, PC based controller, must be considered the state of the art of Ethernet based controller, featuring high availability , upgradable CPUs and cloud based capabilities if needed.
Once a modern control infrastructure integrated with in field sensor, is installed, the Datarecon SCADA software capabilities help the gain of visibility into the plant operation and enabling real time decision supporto and process anomaly detection. All the informations collected from the field, are archived and available at any time. The data inputs to the historian can then be presented in real time visual form at the human machine interface (HMI) to support the operators understanding and taking decision instantly. The Digitron HMI solutions allow operators to precisely monitor and control treatment processes and equipment; they can also display trending an alarms for quick identification and issue resolutions.
High performance automation and an integrated data collection ad visualization solution provide a solid foundation to drive greater efficiency , consistency and accountability. From here it's possible to implement advanced software solutions , including predictive analytics, digitized work process, and real time operational intelligence.


Digitron provides network management solutions for monitoring and real-time monitoring of water distribution systems.
Our offer covers all aspects of the customer solution , from field instrumentation to sophisticated software applications for the management of resources:

Data acquisition and automation (RTU and PLC)
Communication Networks
Instrumentation and analysis
Motors and frequency converters
Management of water losses

The full integration of automation systems plant with field instrumentation allows you to control the distribution of typical parameters - pressure, flow, level and quality of the water - with a single system.
By combining the data collected in the field by the Digitron's application o for leakage management , utilities constantly monitor the performance of the networks , detecting water leaks promptly , and defining the most appropriate maintenance strategy .
Has implemented a wide range of remote control systems (ITALY, Middle East, South East Asia) , that controls the complete water distribution network, starting from the water production (wells and desalination plant output), water treatment, water transportation and reservoirs, water distribution inside the city(sectorization) and wastewater networks to the wastewater treatment plants.
The most important worldwide project leaded by Digitron includes:
Upgrading of electrical installations in reservoirs and pumping stations to actual requirement of thenew law, and relevant certification.

Supply, installation and commissioning of:

Low Voltage cabinets for pumping stations and reservoir (drives, softstarters, switches,valve inverters, …)
RTUs and PLC based for local automation and remote control of drinking and sewage water transportation nets
RTUs and HMI for data acquisition and flow regulation of urban water distribution net(sectorization)
Water instrumentation (flow meters, pressure transmitters, quality analyzers, …)
Electricity electronic meter and electricity analyzers, communication equipments, field buses, …
Control centers (equivalents in two different situations and both can control fullinstallation).
Communication front end, SCADA servers, and operator stations. Both linked by a safe ADSL link.
Communication Front Ends PLC and HMI based
Control Room, including a video walls


Upgrading of full electrical installation
Control, data and real time information of full integral water cycle
Instant alarm reception in control centers, and SMS to maintenance department
Energy control and savings in pumping stations. Electricity bill simulation
Better quality of water and service to customers
Security of the installations and control of maintenance staff
Reduction of water leakages and the number of breaks
Optimization of water infrastructures
Better knowledge of water distribution networks and its problems, user water consumption patterns and tools to predict
Future demands.

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