Telecommunications Solutions Wireless Systems

ustica-1From the 2003 , Digitron Italia is one of the first expression of the prestigious Italian engineering applied to the remote control system, tele control, tele monitoring systems.
Thanks to our development laboratory, Digitron studies and design a wide range products for remote telemetry and industrial communications.
Digitron is also able to customize equipment and subassemblies starting from the specification or even by a simple idea of the customer.
Our solutions are the results of the synthesis of different skills ranging from RF design up to 43 Ghz.
We integrate the state of the art of the Italian production of telecommunication equipment, for professional communication, and we actualize wide range communication systems for industry and distributed power utilities.
To make industry or power utilities more smart, Digitron creates sensor network suitable for monitoring control and manages the quality parameters of Energy distribution, or a wide range or sensitive production parameters in any industry field.
sea2-1 Our wireless systems, are suitable to achieve energy saving, environmental monitoring, pollution, and eco-sustainability of productive activities, in particular the air quality.
Our Wireless infrastructure are created in different technologies: WiFi, Hyperlan, ZigBee, bluetooth ect.
They are easily integrated to Digitron Distributed control systems, PLC, HMI, and PC based systems.
Datarecon SCADA software integrates itself , easily the configuration of Digitron wireless communication systems, making it easy and rapid.


With our telecommunication solution we can deal in several different field, integrating existing systems with the state of the art of communication devices, in a wide range o application :