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"Who we are - Digitron Italia in brief"

Digitron Italia is a global leader in power and automation technologies. Based in Frosinone, Italy, the company operates in approximately 20 countries
Digitron’s business is comprised of 3 divisions that are in turn organized in relation to the customers and industries we serve.
The company in its current form was created in 2003, but its history spans over 20 years. Digitron's success has been driven particularly by a strong focus on the watchword: "passion to perform".
The company maintains a development laboratory center and has continued to invest in R&D through all market conditions.
The result has been a long track record of solutions and integrations. Many of the technologies that underlie our modern society, from middle-low voltage, waste water treatment, wireless and wired monitoring solutions, were developed or commercialized by Digitron. Today, Digitron stands as one of the most important system integrator in several field, such as industry, water and wast water treatment, power grids, telecommunication and so on.

Our company policy, has been aimed to develop the following elements:
• Increasing and spreading of accurate “knowledge” of all parameters that have influences on a manufacturing process. • Check of quality in each industrial area, particularly into food and pharmaceutical, power generation and distribution.
• Incessant improvement of own quality standards besides the expansion of the company with larger structures and wager and more qualified staff.
• Development of our Engineering department, to fullfil the customer's expectation in terms of system integrability and new system development
Carried out work makes us want to go and to get important targets, first of all: improving continuosly without limits.

D I G I T R O N      I T A L I A

Nicola Masotti