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"Passion to Perform"

"The new industrial automation begins with machines of connection between people and data. High-Performance Automation for a Connected World."

  • Distributed I/O
  • HMI/Scada
  • Industrial Computer
  • Panel PCs

Distribuited I/O

A contemporary and corporate visual frame.

Hadron has a selection of preset styles with a diverse array of different background colors and shades to dramatically change the overall appearance.

Subtle animations on the various template elements provide enrichment to the site, such as the read more buttons or the unveil mechanism for the search input.

The template places content as the primary focus.

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A powerful content display extension.

There are many layout modes available, each with Hadron specific styling, such as for Lists, Tabs or Strips. Each layout mode is a different content display model.

A custom administrative interface is available with RokSprocket, providing a rich and intuitive experience for controlling extensive aspects of the module.

A revolutionary approach to controlling site content and images.

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Industrial Computer

Dropdown and SplitMenu Menu Options.

The Dropdown Menu is CSS based, with a selection of advanced features such as inline icons, module positions, custom item distributions and multiple columns.

The SplitMenu navigation system is a static menu item that places the parent menu items in the header area and all children in the sidebar, as configurable.

Menu options are configurable on a per-menu-item basis.

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Panel PCs

There are eight preset style variations.

The extensive style controls allow you to set the background and text colors, as well as overlay style of each section, in addition to button/accent colors.

Additionally, you can also select from different border types: square, semi-rounded or rounded; as well as font size and family settings.

Amended style options can be saved as custom presets.

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Industrial Products

  • consumer products +

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  • life sciences +

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  • Military Aereospace +

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